The Best Rice Krispie Treat Recipe, Ever

Baking is one of my biggest passions – it is my escape, my mediation and one of my many joys. This month has been very tricky for me because the old ovens in our new home were removed and hauled away. We are waiting for our new wall ovens and I have been itching to bake! So, on I go to search for a yummy treat I could make without the use of an oven… and voila, the perfect Rice Krispie Treat emerged!

I found this recipe from Cookies & Cups. Shelly, author, unveiled the
“perfect” Rice Krispie recipe.. my response, “challenge accepted!” Rice Krispies are so simple, yet SO easy to turn into an ooey-gooey mess. Let’s not forget the over-mixed, concreted Krispies.. But when made just right, these creations can be a delicious treat on a warm summer day!

My sugar-sweet toddler and I took on the challenge of the perfect Rice Krispie treat, and I must say, they were fantastic!

The trick to the extra ‘umph’ in these perfect Krispies is the mini marshmallows – and the extra two cups of them that you add in after the cereal! These bites of ooey gooey marshmallow blow these out of the park! (we use lots of baseball lingo in the Burdock home!)

A really neat thing that Shelly did for us is this Marshmallow Conversion Chart! If you only have large marshmallows on hand, this will be your life-saver. All hats off to Shelly for taking the time to do this for her readers!

Putting these together was a piece of cake. The stickiest part of this is getting them spread into the pan. I like to spray a piece of wax paper, the size of the pan you’re using, with cooking spray and press down on the mixture until it is flattened out. Be careful not to press too much, you don’t want to squish your treats into oblivion! After we had them in the pan, we decorated with some funfetti sprinkles, of course. Funfetti just makes life better.

After our Krispies were cooled, my son and I enjoyed one each, and then we wrapped the remaining treats in cellophane for my hubby to take to work and share – because let’s face the truth, we definitely should not eat these all ourselves and it would be a sin not to share them! Needless to say, they were a hit! They arrived with him at 7 a.m. and were gone within an hour! Breakfast of champions, I’d say. Ha!

If you try this recipe out – let me know! Leave a comment & share what you added/changed to make it your own!

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